FAQ - Sport Lowering Springs

Can I purchase sport lowering springs individually or purchase only the front or rear springs?

No, Kilen only sell full lowering kits. Some sports lowering kits do contain only the front or rear springs, but this is due to a different suspension system on one end of the vehicle.

Do I need to change my shock absorbers if I install a Kilen sport lowering kit?

No, Kilen have developed their sport spring range to work with standard shock absorbers. However, if you wish for even better road holding, we recommend switching to gas shock absorbers. You should always check the condition of your shock absorbers when fitting any spring, and replace at the same time if necessary.

Why do you say "Sport springs" instead of "Lowering springs"?

Kilen sport lowering kits are designed primarily to enhance driving conditions with slightly stiffer springs and a moderate lowering effect. Other lowering springs are often not stiffer than standard, and are designed purely to lower the car.

Why don't Kilen offer any sport lowering springs which lower a vehicle by more than 40mm?

There is a risk of negative impact on road holding is cars are lowered in excess of 40mm. A heavy reduction or elimination of spring travel distance is common on kits lowering by more than 50mm. Kilen do not believe it is possible to achieve a well-functioning spring with increased lowering rates without creating problems coordinating with standard or gas shock absorbers.

If you wish to achieve a lowering effect over 40mm, you should use the so called ‘Coil-Overs'.


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