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Why are some Kilen heavy duty springs shorter than the standard springs I am replacing?

Because heavy duty springs are stiffer than standard springs, a heavier load is required for compression. Most heavy duty springs are shorter than standard springs so that the car does not sit too high when unloaded.

How much stronger is a heavy-duty spring compared to a standard spring?

Generally, heavy duty springs are 15-30% stronger than standard springs, depending on the vehicle.

Should I check the wheel alignment on my vehicle after replacing the springs?

Yes, we always recommend checking the wheel alignment after replacing a spring to avoid any unnecessary tyre wear.

I am going to mount a Kilen spring and the diameter at both ends is the same, but the spring is more closely coiled at one end. Which end should be up and which one down?

The performance of the spring will be the same whichever way it is mounted, however we always recommend springs are installed with the more closely coiled end to the top to avoid road debris, e.g. gravel, getting between the tighter coils.

Why do you recommend replacing springs in pairs, although it might be only one spring broken?

When only 1 spring is replaced across an axle, the life expectancy of the other spring will decrease and the car may be imbalanced. Failure to replace springs in axle pairs can lead to an uneven ride height, less responsive steering, less secure road holding, increased braking distance, increased tyre wear and increased fuel consumption.

Why are some Kilen springs shorter than OE springs?

Some original springs are made from tapered wire, which means the thickness of the steel gets thinner towards to the end of the spring. When the original spring is tapered wire Kilen offer the tapered wire design alongside their consistent thickness (parallel) wire alternative. To compensate for the thinner wire, the parallel wire design can be slightly shorter than the original but is designed to ensure the same ride height and handling characteristics as the original once installed.

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