Gas Springs

Kilen produce a comprehensive range of OE matching quality gas springs, and our current catalogue features over 1000 part numbers, most complete with end fittings and covering almost every European & Asian vehicle.

There is a common misconception within the automotive industry that OE replacement gas springs are only available from main dealers. This is no longer the case, with a fast-growing range of matching quality gas springs available throughout the aftermarket.

It is important for technicians and mechanics to understand the design & manufacturing process in order to quell any misconceptions the customer may have and communicate the benefits of aftermarket gas springs.

Spring Design - Gas spring design is an exact science, utilising precise mixtures of highly pressurised nitrogen gas to achieve the desired force. More complex than many realise.

Manufacturing - Intricate moving parts powered by high pressured gas requires technologically advanced manufacturing methods. Precision is key!

Quality - Kilen gas springs are of the highest quality but do have a finite lifespan. Learn how to get the most out of your gas springs.

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