Who Do I Contact?

The table below shows which countries are served by each Kilen depot.

If you don't see your country listed, Click Here to contact our head office.


Albania Germany
Armenia Sweden
Australia UK
Austria Germany
Belarus Sweden
Belgium Germany
Bosnia-Herzegovina Germany
Bulgaria Germany
Croatia Germany
Cyprus Germany
Czech Republic Germany
Denmark Sweden
Egypt Germany
Estonia Sweden
Finland Sweden
France Sweden
Germany Germany
Greece Sweden
Hungary   Germany
Iceland Germany
Ireland  UK
Israel Germany
Italy Sweden
Kazakhstan Sweden
Korea (South) Sweden
Latvia Sweden
Lithuania Sweden
Luxembourg Germany
Malaysia Sweden
Malta Germany
Mauritania Germany
Moldova Germany
Netherlands Germany
New Zealand UK
Norway Sweden
Poland Germany
Portugal Sweden
Romania Germany
Russia Russia
Serbia-Montenegro Germany
Singapore Sweden
Slovak Republic Germany
Slovenia Germany
Spain Sweden
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Germany
Turkey Germany
Ukraine Sweden
United Kingdom  UK
United States of America USA


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