High performance Kilen springs in the new Lamborghini Aventador

15/04/2011 In close cooperation with Öhlins racing, Kilen have developed innovative chassis springs for Lamborghini's brand new hypercar for 2012, the Aventador LP700-4.

Unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March, the Aventador features a 6.5 litre V12 engine producing 700hp, and the highest power to weight ratio of any car in its class.

The springs created by Kilen manage the loads transferred from the wheels to the chassis, while maintaining excellent driving quality. The Aventador also utilises a new type of lifting system for levelling the front of the car, which puts additional requirements on the springs.

Working in close co-operation with Öhlins Racing, Kilen have designed two types of spring, front and rear, each with different stiffness to handle the high demands of the Aventador's shock absorption system and to live up to the exceptional standards demanded by the Volkswagen Group.

With a 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 217mph, the Aventador has been hailed as the start of a new generation of hyper sports cars.

Innovative chassis springs for dampers

The chassis springs give the car good driving qualities at the same time as they manage the loads that are transferred from the wheels into the car. The Aventador also has a new type of lifting system for leveling of the front of the car that puts extra requirements on the springs. Kilen has in a close cooperation with Öhlins Racing designed two types of springs with different stiffness, one front spring and one rear spring, that live up to the Volkswagen Groupīs high demands on the Aventadorīs shock absorption system.

In the coil over dampers used in the Aventador, the springs are placed on the outside of the damper. The spring is an open, non-ground spring with an unusual end fitting. A shim made of  rubber is placed between the spring and the spring seat to avoid noise. Manufacturing is carried out at the factory in Lesjöfors, Sweden. Through the glass back bonnet, the springs and dampers are clearly visible.

Cooperation with extreme demands

A comprehensive, 28 pages long requirement specification was the base for design and testing of the chassis springs. Construction and testing was carried out during 2.5 years in close teamwork with Öhlins. Among others, wide-ranging tests to verify the springs fatigue strength and the corrosion resistance of the surface treatment have been carried out. At some stages, extreme short manufacturing processes and deliveries were required and Kilen has lived up to the high standards.

"We are highly satisfied with our cooperation with Kilen. Quick responses and innovative problem solving are qualities we have experienced and appreciated much in our contacts with the company" says Rade Catovic, Project Manager for the Lamborghini damper at Öhlins Racing.


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