Lesjöfors Automotive named 'supplier of the year' by KG Knutsson AB

29/03/2018 When Lesjöfors Automotive was awarded ‘supplier of the year’ in 2016, Sales Manager Christer Stark promised to work even harder in 2017 to secure the award two years in a row. He kept his promise.

The last year has seen Lesjöfors increase their sales by 27 percent, while maintaining a service level of over 97 percent.

“Our staff have created something incredible,” says Stark. “We’ve been working overtime - mornings, evenings and weekends - in order to deliver great service. So when news of the award came, I felt enormously proud and moved by the entire team’s efforts.”

KG Knutsson AB established the ‘Supplier of the Year’ award to give their supply partners an added incentive, and to highlight the importance of logistics and cost-effectiveness as a competitive tool.

“We have a number of data points which, in addition to service levels, delivery accuracy, and deviation costs, also focus on communication,” says Niklas Nordén, Supply Chain Manager at KGK. “It’s soft and a little difficult to measure value, but we undoubtedly solve a lot of problems and challenges thanks to the good communication between our companies.”

KGK do not publish their complete methodology for measuring metrics, but Nordén reveals that the maximum score is 30 points, and that Lesjöfors achieved 28 – the highest score in the award’s history. “Lesjöfors Automotive is currently in a class of its own, but we have many skilled partners who want to receive the award next time.”

What, then, is Christer Stark’s message to competitors in the industry hoping to claim the title in 2018? “You’ll have to work very hard, because we plan on bringing the award home for the third year in a row!” he concludes.  “We have two points to go for a perfect score, so we’ll look closely at what we can improve.”



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