How we take responsibility for people, the environment and ethics

26/03/2013 Kilen's owner, Beijer Alma, has adopted a policy of corporate social responsibility which applies to all its companies. Environmental and social responsibility combined with a sound business culture is the cornerstone for achieving long-term profitable growth.

The Code of Conduct, or Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility, is based on international guidelines and conventions from, among others, the UN and the ISO 26 000 standard on social responsibility. The same code of conduct applies to all within the Beijer Alma-sphere and in the same way throughout the world.

“Introducing rules for how we should behave in a responsible manner is not a one-time occurrence, it is something we are working on a daily basis to monitor and improve,” says Kjell-Arne Lindbäck, CEO.

Good working environment and sound business ethics

Respect for human rights means that no special treatment may be given to any employee, nor is harassment or discrimination tolerated. Agreements on employees' wages, minimum age and development opportunities are also regulated. Good business ethics shall rule in all activities, which means zero tolerance for bribery, strict rules of conduct regarding competition laws and private interests, and guidelines for good Accounting Standards.

Efficient use of resources

All business activities must make as little negative environmental impact as possible and legislation in environmental and working environment is adhered to with ample margin. Waste products are to be minimized and to the greatest possible extent recycled in an efficient way.

“An important aspect is also to involve and inform employees in environmental and working environment issues to include everyone in our efforts for continuous improvement,” says Kjell-Arne Lindbäck.

Annual Review

In Beijer Alma´s annual report, performance associated with the code of conduct will be reported. Overall objectives of environment, working environment, business ethics and social responsibility should also be developed and followed up annually. In cases where improvement is required, action programs will be developed.

The entire Beijer Alma Code of Conduct (Corporate Social Responsibility) can be found here.



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