To comply with the new electronic communication legislation, we are obliged to inform you that this web site uses so-called cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny text file which is stored in the visitor's computer. There are two different types of cookies, temporary and permanent. The one that is stored on your computer can be used to show anything new in a web site, next time you visit it. The cookie contains the latest visiting date.

It is important to understand that a cookie can not be used to destroy or damage a visitor's computer in other ways. Nor is it possible for other web sites to read any cookies apart from their own ones.

Which cookies are used in this web site?

Two different types of cookies are transmitted from We use both permanent cookies and temporary cookies. The temporary ones are used by our web publishing system, to maintain communication between your web browser and our web server. They disappear when you close the web browser. Permanent cookies do not disappear when you close your web browser, they are stored in your computer.

We use permanent cookies to distinguish your unique web browser from all the others that visit our web site. They are used for web statistics collected on this web site. This cookie is used for web analysis and does not contain any personal information.

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