Coil springs


Kilen produce the world's largest range of automotive Coil springs, covering more than 10,000 standard and heavy duty applications. Manufactured in Sweden using modern, state of the art production methods, Kilen maintain 100% quality control over every spring in the range.

Kilen are committed to ensuring excellent quality & high value products across the entire range.

Did you know...?

Every spring is produced using superior grade spring steel at Kilen factories; on state of the art computer controlled machines
-Ensures high quality standards and full control over availability

Kilen use an advanced Zinc Phosphate & Epoxy Powder Paint surface treatment
-Providing longer life to the spring by minimising corrosion

All parallel wire Kilen coil springs are supplied with a 3 year warranty. Tapered wire springs come with 2 years warranty.
-Providing peace of mind whilst protecting your reputation

Kilen are a supplier of matching quality parts according to BER1400/2002
-Ensures Kilen springs can be fitted without any warranty restrictions

Kilen produce the World's largest range of coil springs for the automotive aftermarket
The Complete Spring Supplier
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